danDaniel Odescalchi
President, SAIPR

Daniel Odescalchi is president of Strategic Advantage International, a political consulting and public opinion management firm based in New York. With over two decades of experience in the field, Odescalchi has helped clients from around the world.

He has helped brand and guide communication efforts of multinational corporations, government agencies and private companies that have found themselves struggling with the challenges of today’s media environment.

He was deputy national political director for the presidential bid of Republican Steve Forbes and assisted NYS Governor George Pataki. His efforts span from the re-election campaign of Congressman Hamilton Fish Jr. to helping the Republicans takeover of House of Representatives in 2010.

Odescalchi made SAIPR a leader in online campaigning as the internet’s penetration became more prominent. Today, SAI hones their client’s message and activities online as well as in the field.

SAIPR has worked with political parties in Lebanon, Iraq, all over Eastern Europe and the US. They consulted for the Prime Minister of Hungary, the Hungarian Democratic Forum, Fidesz, the Democratic Convention in Romania, the Party of Co-existence in Slovakia and the Alternative Council of Ministers in Bosnia Herzegovina. They have advised the Malaki Coalition in Iraq and the March 14th Coalition and the Phalange Party in Lebanon.

Odescalchi founded the Survival in a Democracy Project that assisted new democratic parties in Eastern Europe in learning the skills necessary to build and maintain political support. Odescalchi raised the funds for the project by working with 13 international organizations, including USIS, the Konrad Adenauer Foundation and the Westminster Foundation.

He has assisted the Center for International Private Enterprise in teaching Iraqi political parties to develop party platforms and run campaigns. He has also assisted Iraqi Chambers of Commerce in developing advocacy programs. Odescalchi has worked with the Robert Schumann Institute to train and advise political operatives from Ukraine, Serbia, Belarus, Romania, Russia and Croatia.

An expert on voter trends in emerging democracies, he has spoken extensively on the topic at the Atlantic Council Meetings in Budapest, the European Democrat Union Conference in Berlin, and other occasions.

He also is President of Electric Reels Productions, which specializes in political advertising. Odescalchi is a contributing author to the Handbook of Political Marketing and provides government relations assistance to corporate clients.


Strategic Advantage International ensures that our clients voices and concerns are effectively received by the targeted audience. We aim to turn the gears that shift public opinion so that our clients’ concerns are clearly understood by those who can make a difference.


Whether the audience is the public, or only a select group of opinion leaders, Strategic Advantage International builds a consensus to achieve the desired goal. We work to build democracy as well as to help our clients navigate the challenges inherent in a democracy.

Time can be both an asset and a liability. It all depends on how quickly you take control of your circumstances. We will quickly help you turn time to your advantage. SAI will help you take control of information, effectively manage your communications and influence public opinion.