Blogs vs Advanced Online Marketing

Bloggers vs. SAIPR Advanced Online Marketing

Here’s the difference:

Viewers must go to blogs. SAIPR’s Ads go to the viewers.

Blogging requires viewers to visit a particular website. SAIPR’s Online marketing brings your ad to viewers no matter what website they visit. The easier you make it for customers to find you, the more customers you’ll have. A blog post requires potential customers to visit a blog, and then to scroll around to find your post. Good luck with that. SAIPR’s online marketing will chase your customers around the World Wide Web, not matter what website they visit. SAIPR Marketing is proactive and requires your customers to merely go online, not to any specific website or blog.

Blogging does have the reach or penetration

SAIPR’s basic package guarantees you 50,000 views in any neighborhood you choose. No blog has that many visitors, let alone in one neighborhood. No contest!

You standout with SAIPR, on a blog you blend in and get lost

On a blog, you quickly disappear into a sea of posts. People will need to hunt around to find you. But with SAIPR, you are front and center. No other ad can distract from yours, because only one ad can play at a time.