How Public Relations Fights for Social Justice

Posted: July 8, 2020

Long before George Floyd and recent protests, SAIPR helped Reverend Reginald Benjamin create Black Jobs Matter. Jobs are the great equalizer, especially those requiring skills. We jumped to help create apprenticeship opportunities that give black and minority workers on-the-job training to become skilled journeymen.

So when a contractor reneged on the promised to provide jobs to the black community as a condition to receive a large school project, SAIPR focused a light on this injustice.

 Newsday Black Job Matter


Black Jobs Matter logoSAIPR also helped design the iconic Black Jobs Matter logo, their newsletters and marketing pieces.

We believe that the only way to create true equality is through true economic participation and the creation of wealth. Equality is not achieved if Blacks are continually passed over for jobs that raise communities out of poverty and establish their foothold in the middle class.

“SAIPR has been a great strategic partner in getting our message out. Working together has allowed us to focus on creating jobs for our community while they handle our media efforts,” said Benjamin.

We stand with you, Rev!

Daniel Odescalchi