Marketing Tip #1 – Email Marketing

Posted: December 15, 2020

News Flash – it is cheaper to keep customers than get news ones. So make retaining your present customers a major component of your marketing strategy. Email Marketing delivers a good ROI if done properly. Email is also critical when keeping new leads engaged and converting them into customers.

So let’s look at easy ways to improve your email marketing!

Most Important, Build Your List. The larger your list of good, qualified emails, the more productive your efforts. [Quick side note: do not keep contacts on your list that haven’t responded in months. Too many of those and all your emails are destined to the Spam folder. Seriously, purge you list regularly. Need more info, contact us.] Your present customers are one part of your list, but prospective leads are another and you want to convert them to customers. Here are some suggestions to increase your prospect list:

  • Add more sign-up opportunities to your website
  • Offers on your website that require sign-ups
  • Offers through your digital ads that require sign-ups
  • Purchased B2B lists from brokers
  • Sign-ups at events

Content Matters. To encourage leads to hand over their email addresses and allow you to add clutter to their inbox, you need to make it worth their while. My goal is that this information is valuable enough to do just that. Make sure the information you share with prospects informs, and then inspires them to take action. If you can entertain them too, you’ll be a marketing superstar.

Segment your emails. This means that you don’t send the same email to everyone. If your business provides services to lawyers and real estate agents alike, create two variations. Speak to lawyers the way they like to be spoken to and real estate agents in their language. It pays off. Segmented email campaigns see 14.31% higher open rates and 74.53% higher click rates as compared to non-segmented email campaigns. (Mailchimp)

A/B test when possible. Companies that A/B test every email see email marketing returns that are 37% higher than those of brands that never include A/B tests. (Litmus) This means testing how you deliver your value proposition in different ways. If you have a list of 1000 emails, send 270 version A and 270 version B. The one that delivers the best result is the version you send to the rest of the list. Take what you learned from this exercise and use it next time. Each time you learn more, you become wiser to your customers desires and you deliver better results for your company.

Personalize your Emails. Consumers open emails with personalized subject lines at a 50% higher rate compared to emails without personalized subject lines, yet only 2% of emails employ personalization. (Yes Marketing).  So use people’s names, make them feel as though you are familiar with them and their concerns. The more you personalize your communications, the more prospects will feel as though you understand them and can therefore solve their problems.

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