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Promoting the Building Trades

Percy Jobs and Careers was seeking a way to promote the importance and bolster the reputation of the building trades. SAIPR created the online construction reality show called Master Craftsmen.

Police Benevolent Association IEC

The PBA works hard to protect the standard of living that has made NYC such an attractive place to live. So when the PBA wanted to support candidates that supported them, they turned to SAIPR.

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Pete King for Congress 2018

In a year of a blue wave, Pete King held his seat in a tight race. SAIPR ran targeted online video and banner to deliver key messages to key groups. Our voter and demographic targeting is unsurpassed.


When the State University of New York raised their rent by 300%, they turned to SAIPR. We told their story to the press, elected officials and the public. Their contract was renegotiated to its original terms. OJCC operates and apprenticeship program that has lifted disadvantaged workers out of poverty and into 6 figure jobs.


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United Services Administration

Healthcare legislation has complicated a business’s ability to provide for their employees while staying focused on the core company mission and profits. Using targeted online video advertising, SAIPR helped United Services Administration provide a solution.

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Build NYC

When billions of dollars for construction around NYC were available for contractors, SAIPR was tasked with organizing the Build NYC Conference series. SAIPR reached out to public and private developers to present projects available for bid. We also ran a highly effective public relation effort to attract attendees. Contractors and manufacturers attended in droves.

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ProOrbis Innovative Management

When ProOrbis managed the US portion of the International Space Station, Congress threatened to cut its funding. SAIPR worked to place stories to highlight the importance and popularity of the program and helped guarantee its funding continue.

Dick Thurston for Supervisor

Dick Thurston wanted to run his local race with the professionalism of the pros. SAIPR created his mail, videos and website. Despite being a minority party and running against an incumbent, SAIPR helped him beat the odds and sail to victory.

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