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I interview Amr Kebbe, a colleague I met in Amman, Jordan, who then became a friend and ensured my safety as we travelled together in Beirut, Lebanon. We discuss Muslims’ views on ISIS.

I interview Selma Hadzihalilovic, who was my hero while working in Sarajevo after the Dayton Peace Accords ended the Bosnian War. She was my translator and assistant, but in reality was so much more.

My interview with Mike Franc, former policy director and counsel for House Majority Leader Kevin McCarthy, and former Vice President of government relations for the Heritage Foundation. This doesn’t even begin to describe him. We discuss the changes within the Republican and Democratic parties that resulted in today’s upheaval.

My interview with Geza Jeszenszky, former Foreign Minister of Hungarian, former Ambassador to the United States, former client and present friend. We discuss the evolving nature of politics in Eastern Europe since the collapse of Communism.