Restaurant Survival Toolkit

Need more diners?

Make it easy to become a customer.

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With digital ads target only those within a ½ mile of your restaurant, or just your delivery area.

Bettola Restaurant ran targeted digital ads on the upper west side after the lockdown. They went from barely an order to more than they ever had.

An Eye on ROI

We make it affordable to stay competitive. A small investment can deliver a large return. *

With our Restaurant Survival Kit, you can thrive.

We drive customers to your website instead of GrubHub’s.
• Banner and video ads direct customers to your website
• Advertise only in your delivery area

Start owning your profits.

We deliver for restaurants

25K video ads


50K video ads


Add 1000 banner ads


*if required, one time ad creation fee can vary based on requirements. Usually about $300.

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