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Strategic Advantage International has taken the tools long applied in Western democracies and modified them to function effectively in emerging democracies around the world...  including Hungary, Romania, Bosnia-Herzegovina, Slovakia, and the Middle East. Although these skills were mostly dedicated to help a specific political party achieve an electoral victory, SAI has also developed democracy building skills. Democracy building has become a personal passion for Strategic Advantage International.

In the mid-nineties, SAI founded the program "Survival In A Democracy" to assist new democratic parties in the emerging democracies. SAI received funding for the program from 13 various international foundations. See Survival in a Democracy for further details.

SAI has consulted the Center for International Private Enterprise (CIPE) to help establish responsive government and business NGO's within Iraq. Working with Iraqi elected officials and CIPE, SAI developed the Handbook of Economic Party Platforms to give Iraq political parties the tools to respond to society's policy needs. We have assisted Iraqi Chambers of Commerce in defining their policy needs and lobbying elected officials to implement specific policy initiatives. See CIPE's OverseasREPORT for details.