Projects around the world
Public Relations/election clients in the USA
businesses, presidential candidates, Governors, congressional candidates and NGOs.

Select Political clients:

Newt Gingrich for President (2012)

People Party of Somalia's Presidential Race

Chris Gibson for Congress (2011)

Steve Forbes for President (1996 & 2000) - SAI began handling the petition process and soon took over role as Deputy National Political Director

New York State Governor George Pataki (1998 and 2002)

Doug Hoffman for Congress (2009)

Congressman Hamilton Fish, Jr.

New York Senate Campaign Committee

Various state and local candidates

Select organizations:

Economic Cornerstone

Oriska Jobs and Careers Center

New York State Bridge Authority - assisted with fare-hike communication

New Yorkers for Growth

United States Postal Service

Mid-Hudson Addiction Recovery Centers

U.S. Chamber of Commerce

Hungarian Human Rights Foundation

Association of Automobile Manufacturers

Select Corporate Clients:

Oriska Insurance

ProOrbis - Assisted with PR related to the International Space Station



General Electric

St. Lawrence Cement

PDQ Manufacturing

Democracy/Elections in Eastern Europe
Political parties of eastern europe's new democratic system and emerging business interests

Hungary - SAI created and operated an internal communications team for the Government of Prime Minister Jozsef Antall overseeing such tasks as handling media and communications with the international community when Hungary was accused of  breaking an arms embargo during the Bosnian War and  assisting Hungary's Privatization Ministry in developing a campaign to sell the concept of privatization. SAI later went on to advise and  manage the election campaign for Hungarian Democratic Forum consulting for  Prime Minister Peter Boross.

SAI developed and operated the Survival In A Democracy project aimed at assisting members of the Federation of Young Democrats and Christian Democrats among other democratic parties.

SAI has assisted pharmaceutical firms in fighting unfair legislation in Hungary.

SAI helped the government of Hungary when the international community accused it of illegally selling arms to Croatia during an arms embargo during the Bosnian War.

Bosnia - Following the Dayton Peace Accord, SAI assisted the multi-ethnic Alternative Council of Ministers in its effort to campaign against the Serb, Croat and Muslim nationalist parties.  Mayor of Tusla, Bosnia

Pictured above SAI with Tusla Mayor, Bosnia

Romania - Assisted Democratic Coalition with strategy and tactics for election against Illiescu .

Slovakia - Aided minority parties within the Party of Co-Existence in election campaign against Meciar .

Germany - SAI advised the Christian Democrat Union (CDU) on strategy for reaching post-communist voters from the former East German republic in preparation for Chancellor Kohl's re-election campaign. 

Democracy/Public Relations in the Middle East
Political parties, business associations And businesses

Somalia - SAI worked with the People's Party of Somalia and Presidential Candidate Said Mohamud in 2012 when the United Nations held the first election since the 1998 government was toppled.

Pictured above is Odescalchi introducing US Presidential Candidate Newt Gingrich to Somali Presidential Candidate Said Mohamud from the People's Party of Somalia.

Iraq - Working with the Center for International Private Enterprise, SAI assisted political parties with the fundamentals of developing economic party platforms in advance of  up-coming elections and facilitated early coalition possibilities among the various political parties. Also, working with business and trade groups, SAI facilitated a coalition building and advocacy program. For an article inspired by this project, click here.  

More recently SAIPR helped a Greek Oil company invest in an oil services company in Iraq.

SCIRI member of Parliament

Pictured above is a member of the Supreme Council for the Islamic Revolution of Iraq with SAI President, Daniel Odescalchi.

Lebanon – Worked within the March 14th Coalition and Christian parties to strengthen their political base within Lebanon.