Public Relations and campaign news
2014 - SAIPR Protects Client Indentity
2012 - SAIPR Assist Somali Party
The People Party of Somalia turned to SAIPR to help them contest the first free elections in two decades.
2012 - SAI Ensures Newt Ballot Access
Newt Gingrich hired SAI to gaurantee his name appears on the Ballot in New York State.
2010 - SAI helps congressional races
Among races utilizing SAI this year is Chris Gibson for Congress. Click here to view website.
2009 - SAI on CSPAN
SAI's Daniel Odescalchi appeared on CSPAN on a panel titled "Rebranding Republicans." Click here to view the panel discussion.
2006 - SAI works with Iraqis

SAI assisted Iraqi political parties in developing party platforms, campaigns and their constitution.
1997 - SAI assists post-war Bosnia
SAI helped multi-ethnic coalition in their election against nationalist parties.
1994 - SAI behind the Iron Cutrtain
Following multiple elections in Eastern Europe, SAI developed the "Survival In A Democracy Program."

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In business, elections, fundraising and legislating, it matters how people view you. Public opinion and Public Relations are often the key to success. Strategic Advantage international can help shift the gears that turn public opinion to your advantage.

Strategic Advantage International ensures that our client's voices and concerns are effectively received by the targeted audience. We make certain that our clients' concerns are clearly understood by those who can make a difference.

Whether the audience is the public, or only a select group of opinion leaders, Strategic Advantage International builds a consensus to achieve the desired goal. We work to build democracy as well as to help our clients navigate the challenges inherent in a democracy.

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Odescalchi on a CSPAN panel dicussing the 2014 elections


Odescalchi with clients Newt Gingrich and the People's Party of Somalia's Presidential Candidate, Said Mohammed